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Meet The Team

Julie Sies

Owner, Trainer, Coach

I am entrepreneurial and throughout my experiences I have had to figure out what works and what doesn’t work. Whether my role was to build my own business or work inside a company, in every job held, I would lead from the top or inside to create solutions for growth, improving process and team members’ capacity, so that our teams would function at a higher level.


Along the way, I struggled with serious health issues. That caused me to take serious stock and reassess my internal drivers and how I thought about things. I wanted to experience life in a fuller and more peaceful way – having more fun and enjoying the relationships around me. And now, I want to share that with you.


I am a curious and continuous learner, activator, and enjoy a full and active life. I have some great tools and certifications that help me to help you.

Jerry Gibson


I have spent my adult life serving others. My wife Gwen and I served 24 years as missionaries, building ministry teams in Mexico, United States and Spain. 


My passion has always been to help people grow and fully engage in their God-given purpose. 

I have served four years as campus pastor at Horizon Community Church, in Tualatin Oregon, where I got involved in Transformational Leadership™ with Ford Taylor. Currently I serves as a local church specialist with Chi Alpha Campus Ministries, U.S.A.


I hold a Masters of Science in Administrative Studies from Missouri State University and a BA from Northwest University, Kirkland, Washington.

Transformational Leadership™

Exponential Functions is a Transformational Leadership™ affiliate. Transformational Leadership™, founded by Ford Taylor, has local and national representatives with vast experience in every sphere, ready to serve you. To learn more about Transformational Leadership™ go to www.transformlead.com.