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Guaranteed to help you get results!

Do YOU Want to  be Good or Great?

Leadership coaching works with you to strengthen your skills, identify gaps, and find your pathway for increased impact, influence, and peace of mind.


At Exponential Functions Leadership Coaching, we give you the tools so you can excel in your current role and prepare you for your next promotion.


Our leadership coaching process can help you become the leader who:

  • Develops your latent leadership abilities and possibilities.

  • Cultivates a higher level of emotional intelligence which allows you to build stronger teams, improve employee retention, and lower turnover costs.

  • Communicates with greater influence and impact propelling your organization forward.

  • Functions at a higher level which facilitates your promotion.

  • Thinks more strategically.

  • Prioritizes and delegates more effectively.

  • Learns how to minimize feeling overwhelmed.

  • Establishes a more peaceful work-life balance.

  • Performs at your highest level in work and in life.


We provide leadership coaching or training individuals who are building teams. Our clients include: 

  • Business Owners,

  • Young Leaders,

  • Pastors, Non-Profit leaders

  • those striving to advance to a higher level in their careers.

You Can Maximize the Potential of Your Life and Business with an Experienced Coach


Our 6 month package will take you through a process that incorporates training in small cohorts and 1-1 coaching. Cohorts are formed around similar roles. The process is life-changing and will maximize your impact in every sphere if influence.  


The results you can expect with Transformational Leadership Coaching 

  • Clarity on your identity, and how you serve best based on talents, skills, and passions.

  • Establish strong relationships at work and at home so that you can navigate conflict, work with ease even with those different that yourself

  • identify and correct constraints with your leadership, and your business.

  • Increase your capacity to lead with greater confidence, influence and impact.

  • Improve your communication skills so that you maximize every interaction, build accountability with your teams, lead effective meetings and empower others for excellence

  • Establish a work-life balance which allows you to accomplish your goals while reserving precious time for you and your family.

  • Develop your own personal vision, mission and purpose with an action plan for continued success


At Exponential Functions, we utilize a holistic approach to help you navigate how to make deep, systematic change which can profoundly transform your life perspective, your performance at work, and restore your peace of mind.  We give you the tools, the ingredients and a recipe for leadership then walk with you to implement each step into your life through coaching.

Exponential Functions is based in Portland, OR, Phoenix, AZ, and Georgetown, TX. We coach clients locally and across the US via video calls. 

Talk to Julie to see if coaching is right for you.

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