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You Can Maximize the Potential of Your Life and Business with an Experienced Coach

You have been created with excellence and are magnificent!

 A great coach is trained to recognize and draw that out of you. 


But life is what happens when you have big things planned, and you need a trustworthy coach to help you dust off the muck and mire to uncover your brilliance and discover joy. 

Life should be full, vibrant, and continually moving forward. You are your best asset, and every effort you invest in yourself should reap exponential results.  


Challenges and setbacks in your life, business, career, and leadership are part of everyday life, but they don't need to leave you feeling stuck or defeated or all alone on the journey.


Exponential Functions offers a unique approach to coaching.


We listen to your dreams, aspirations, challenges, and setbacks. Then, through thoughtful inquiry and practical tools, we guide you to breakthroughs, making transformation possible. 

You will notice a higher level of confidence, a joyous and peaceful inner world, more positive days, and plenty of energy for your workday, relationships, physical habits, and taking care of yourself. 

Exponential Functions is based in Portland, Oregon, and coach clients locally and across the US via video calls. 

Coaching Programs offered:
(3-6 months in length)

  • Personal Life Coaching, just starting out, navigating a career change, promotion, or growth.  

  • Business leaders, owners, middle managers, & Entrepreneurs Coaching (1-to-1, or Group) 

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