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Tools to move from

mis-understandings and missed goals to peace and profits

Leadership Development & Training:

A Unique Approach to Empowering Leaders

Your leadership matters! 

Many leaders want to be at their best and have an idea of "WHAT" they want their organization to look like but find it hard to get traction to make that a reality. Transformational Leadership ™ equips leaders with the tools that show you "HOW" to transform their organizations to fulfill their vision. It identifies and addresses personal or organizational constraints that impede growth. 


Exponential Functions offers a package of 12 individual and 8 group coaching session focused on understanding and application of Transformational Leadership principles, and personal implementation, thereby creating lasting change.

Exponential Functions is based in Portland, Oregon, Phoenix Arizona, and Georgetown, TX.  Contact us today to see if we can help your team!

Services offered:

  • Public & corporate training

  • Team & individual development

  • Cultural change programs 

  • Core Value Index (CVI) assessments & training


Leadership Training topics:

How to...

  • Lead at their highest level possible

  •  Build better relationships in every sphere of influence

  • Gain consensus and create unity

  • Work smarter with individuals and teams

  • Manage conflict and handle discipline

  • Build accountability; deal with difficult people

  • Lead meetings; effective communication and listening skills

  • Empower others for excellence

  • Be less critical and more constructive by discovering the power of affirmations 

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