Tools to move from

mis-understandings and missed goals to peace and profits

Leadership Development & Training:

A Unique Approach to Empowering Leaders


Leaders across all spheres of society are under a lot of pressure to deliver results. This stress puts tremendous strain on personal lives and often breaks the critical relational foundations of marriage, family, and organizations.  Often business leaders do not know where to turn for development, skill building, consulting, coaching, and support. 

Transformational Leadership™ identifies and addresses personal or organizational constraints that impede growth. Participants actively engage in a process that encompasses personal transformation, leadership skills, team-building, relationship-building, and cultural change. This experiential training has proven and exceptional results. 

Exponential Functions is based in Portland, Oregon. However if your business is in the Pacific Northwest or along the West Coast (California, Washington, Oregon) we would love to work with you and empower your team for exponential success. Contact us today to see if we can help your team!

Services offered:

  • Public & corporate training

  • Team & individual development

  • Executive & entrepreneur round tables

  • Cultural change programs 

  • Core Value Index (CVI) assessments & training


Leadership Training topics:

How to...

  • Lead at the highest level possible 

  • Build better relationships in every sphere 

  • Gain consensus and unity 

  • Work smarter with individuals and teams 

  • Work through opposing points of view 

  • Evaluate and measure performance 

  • Build accountability 

  • Lead meetings 

  • Effectively communicate and listen 

  • Empower others for excellence 

  • Deal with difficult people 

  • Be less critical and more constructive 

  • Discover the power of affirmations 

Brad Eaton shares his experience