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Upcoming Leadership Training Events

If you aren’t actively cultivating yourself as a leader, chances are you’re losing ground – you can feel it, and others around you can feel it too. Your peace of mind and those you lead will thank you!


Who needs Transformational Leadership™? 

Transformational Leadership is for influencers everywhere- in business, non-profits, churches, government, community volunteers, educators, and more. Our core belief is if you influence one or more people, then you are a leader. Transformational Leadership™ is more than a leadership program; it is a way of life that easily translates into every sphere.

Gain the proven tools for your exponential success. 



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We are combining the best of online interactive training with a virtual classroom. Ford's distinctive style and simple explanations of the TL toolkit, combined with expertly facilitated discussion guided by Julie Sies all geared toward personal and professional application. Our next Cohort of 15 students starts on January 18, 2023 from 8:00-10:00am PST. 

The virtual class runs 8 weeks. Schedule a call with Julie to determine if the program is a fit for you.

What others are saying about their experience with TL.

"Julie does an amazing job explaining each topic in a way that relates to each individual. I would recommend Julie to anyone who wants to become a better version of themselves." Lacy, business owner


"This TL program brought balance to my coaching platform. I can be conscious of relactional methods to pull from all team members' strengths and assets." Elizabeth, realtor, coach


"I love the way Julie intentionally used the TL tools in the training so that as we taught the concepts, we turn around and immediately make good use of the tools." Doris, business and life coach


"Julie has helped design blueprint for CloudMinders, creating a foundation for us to build our business. The Transformation Leadership program brings to life our core values, vision, and mission. Our culture has positively changed. Roles are being clearly defined. Social covenants are being put in place, creating clear communication, expectations, and accountability." Jeremy, business owner


"Transformational Leadership Training released blockages in my worldview, both personally and professionally. I was not aware of the upper limits of human potential actualized in the context of the principles, practices, tools and experiential learning this training provides.

Profoundly moved by the integrity, deep care, culture and leadership modeled through Julie's extraordinary empathy, passion and skill she masterfully demonstrates." Tom, business owner


"I just finished the Transformation Leadership class with Julie Sies and was impressed.

In Napoleon Hill's famous book 'Think and Grow Rich', stated that the new business environment would be one of co-operation. The problem is that he does not provide a process of how to accomplish that. The Transformational Leadership program Julie presented is the best program I have seen to create the co-operative environment in a company and in groups. Something every business owner or manager should experience." Larry, business owner Net Perking LLC

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