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Are you living on a cracked foundation?

Metaphorically, your foundation is what you build your life on. Age has way of refining us as someone who can weather the test of time, or deteriorate under pressure and stress. Is your foundation damaged because of your history? Know that you can take steps to renovate your foundation.

Dale Carnegie says, “Our thoughts make us what we are.”

Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.”

The Apostle Paul tells us our mind needs a renovation- a new way to think; in addition, we are encouraged to take every thought captive. It’s not hard to see the effects of too much consumption focusing on the negativity bombarding us through outside stimulus. It is harder to recognize our own negativity without feedback from the people we interact with.

Here are some great questions to ask yourself to determine what you dwell on:

· Are you focused on the past?

· Do you rehash the irritations of the day?

· Do you revisit the outdated memory of a past hurt or offense?

· How often do you complain?

· Are you waiting for a disaster to occur?

· Are you envious of another’s success?

· Are you easily overwhelmed and defeated by life’s circumstances?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, know that you can benefit from the reminder to renovate our thinking. Here’s the good news: When you change your thinking from negative to positive, your emotional responses and outcomes will change for the better.

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Julie Sies, the owner of Exponential Functions, LLC, is an ICF ACC Coach and an accredited Transformational Leadership Trainer. She guides her clients to develop their inborn abilities, so they can break through barriers and flourish with exponential growth and success. For more information, find her at Schedule a complimentary meeting on her website.

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