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Ready to Soar?

Can you believe January is a wrap already? 2023 is off to quite the start. As I write this today, we are sheltered inside our warm home, bracing ourselves for a weeklong freeze. Last week I was playing pickleball in 70-degree weather! Such is life in the great state of Texas!

Early in January, I hosted a free webinar geared towards encouraging those that struggle with true fulfillment and gaining clarity or traction on their dreams and visions. We talked about practical steps to forward with ease and intention in 2023, bringing success to your life and the lives of others. If you struggle with getting a solid start to each new year and are looking for ways to increase happiness, click the link below to listen to the replay.

You’ll discover new truths, become a better leader, and reclaim control of your life & career! You'll also hear about a new program offering combining a three-prong approach to level your leadership.


2023 Exponential Functions© 20233. Exponential Functions, LLC. All rightsJulie Sies, the owner of Exponential Functions, LLC, is an ICF ACC Life Coach and an accredited Transformational Leadership Trainer and Coach. For more information, find her at

If you want to level up your career, reach out to learn more about the new 6-month TL Leadership program combining best-of-class leadership training and 1-1 coaching. Imagine how six months of investing in yourself will exponentially change the trajectory of your life.

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