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Reflection and the Adventurous Life

Recently I was privileged to be the guest interviewed on Your Adventurous Life Podcast with Brian and Maryann Remsburg. The topic was one of the seven coordinates they discuss on living an adventurous life. They asked me great questions about Coordinate # 7 taken from their book Reflect to Grow. When interviewed, I was deep in preparation mode for a significant move and lifestyle change. As I write this, I'm in week 1 of our new migratory lifestyle. I've had plenty of time to reflect as we drove south about how I respond to change, how continued growth as a leader is more important than ever. I'm excited to share more of this episode with you now and hope it inspires and challenges you to think about the adventures that you can create.

Check out Brian and Maryann Remsburg's amazing work on their web site. I highly recommend their book, and in fact, it inspired Dale and me on the journey we're on today. I would love to hear from you- what areas of your life are you looking for a change? How can I help you on that journey?

If you are looking to level up in your career, reach out to Julie regarding her new 6 months TL Leadership program combining best of class leadership training and 1-1 coaching. Imagine how 6 months of investing in yourself will exponentially change the trajectory of your life.

Julie Sies, the owner of Exponential Functions, LLC, is an ICF ACC Life Coach and an accredited Transformational Leadership Trainer and Coach. For more information, find her at

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