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Turning your thoughts around

You might not know this but when the cable car needs to redirect they put it on a turnstile of sorts and turn it 180° around. You can also turn your thoughts 180° around to get to where you want to go.

Sometimes it’s hard to even come up with a new perspective that will encourage positive thoughts. We’ve talked about how your train of thoughts retrained will result in a better destination in life. Now here are some tools to help.

To get started, after you identify negative thinking, ask yourself to reframe it by looking for another view such as:

· What is the truth about this situation?

· Am I believing a lie about myself or another person?

· What is good?

· Is there beauty?

· What can I be grateful for?

· How can I contribute to turning this around?

· What does selecting the higher road look like?

· How might this negative situation be a gift to me?

· What response can I choose that will lead to a positive outcome?

· Does this situation require more grace, more love, or kindness?

We will never be able to eliminate every obstacle or negative thought that comes our way. We can choose to become aware and endeavor to free our minds from toxic thinking one idea at a time.

You may have heard the statement, “If momma ain’t happy, nobody is happy!” While it is a funny cliché, there is so much truth in the concept. A happy community is a collective of satisfied individuals.

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