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What is a Leadership and Life Coach?

In the previous post, I mentioned a significant life-changing event I went through 18 years ago. Let me share what I learned during this—and how I discovered my passion to work as a Certified Life and Leadership Coach. (By the way, these are two separate trainings under two different professional organizations, the International Coaching Federation for life coaches and Transformational Leadership for leadership coaches.)

As I went through this experience so many years ago, it continues to underpin and direct my path as a Certified Life and Leadership Coach. As a growing industry, coaching is the perfect solution to our instant "Google the answer" society. Googling an answer to a life question is helpful for sure. Still, there is not the opportunity to be trained and equipped to implement the solution. Effective coaching helps you apply what you "know." In the case that you do not know, coaching enables you to ask your way to your answer.

A Leadership and Life Coach is a person who, in its simplest forms, comes alongside an individual as a thinking partner:

· to ask good questions

· to explore possibilities

· to clarify desires and priorities

· to navigate challenges, and

· to strategize and activate in new paths.

The right coach has tools and resources available to fill in the gaps of knowledge. Some coaches are trainers as well and are cognizant of distinguishing when additional instruction or information is necessary. They indicate the difference between coaching and training in their work. The International Coach Federation is a licensing body that provides best practices and core competencies for the coaching industry. Professional Coaches who are ICF certified have been taught, trained, and equipped and gone through a rigorous process.

When you consider coaching, decide the qualifications that are important to you. Research and interview those to find your best match.

Julie Sies, the owner of Exponential Functions, LLC, is an ICF ACC Life Coach and an accredited Transformational Leadership Trainer and Coach. For more information, find her at Schedule a complimentary meeting or find upcoming trainings on her website.

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