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Wrapping up 2022- Anticipating 2023

Hello friends and colleagues!

It's a pleasure to reach out at this time of year as we celebrate Christmas and the coming new year. I'm grateful to those I've have the pleasure to coach and partner with this year. Allow me share some thoughts regarding what transpired in 2022 and anticipate opportunities that will arise in 2023.

This year was full of adjustments in just about every area of my life. In the fall of 2021, we sold our home of 26 years, and following Dale's vision, we decided to live in a "triangle"- Texas, Arizona, and Oregon! (Page 3 tells more.) Thanks to COVID, I learned how to work remotely. I love the work I'm blessed to do, helping others increase their positive influence with Transformational Leadership (TL) and mentoring new coaches with New Vibe Training. I also partnered up as a coach with an organization that I've come to love, Expect Success Global. They provide hundreds of business training, group coaching, weekly seminars, and 1-1 coaching.

Putting a bow on the year means looking back on what was and forward to what will come. Finishing up a recent TL cohort, we wrote down our life vision, mission-what we hope to accomplish, and why we want to do that. In other words, articulate our purpose. For the last 15 years, I've been grateful to use this powerful tool to set the direction for the subsequent year. The mechanics look different each year, but the basics entail time with my Creator in prayer, asking for guidance, a verse from the bible, and a word to embody that will serve as a rudder. Sometimes I think about a constraint and create a vision for breaking the condition. As I share my guiding words for 2022, it may inspire or challenge you as you look ahead to 2023.

Warmly wishing you a great Christmas and New Year!

Julie Sies

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